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Two things worth sharing come to mind this week.

First, check out The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur by Mike Michalowicz. Mike is a smart guy, and in addition to running a very well-honed marketing program, he collects and freely shares good insight and advice that many business people can benefit from. He is entertaining, too.

You might think I know this guy, or he’s a new client or something, but that is not the case. I just enjoy submitting thoughts from time to time, and you can do it too. Visit his site and sign up to submit information. He sends readers right to your site if they like what you say. Here are two of my recent contributions — always short and sweet.

Next up, I received this interesting list from a LinkedIn group called Social Media Marketing this week.  

12 new free Social Media white papers, webinars and helpful resources… check them out but move fast, some expire soon!

1. “How to Use Twitter for Business: A Beginner’s Guide” – an excellent starting point for understanding the true power of Twitter.

Click here: Inc.

2. “Marketing Imperative: Balancing Paid vs Earned Media” – A powerful On Demand webinar in which you will learn how to gain more Earned Media by tapping into a large segment of your highly satisfied customers, integrate Earned Media into existing marketing efforts and how to measure the impact of Earned Media

Click here:

3. “Speed Kills – Tips for Managing Crisis in the Era of Social Media” – Information on the web spreads faster and farther than ever before, and never goes away. Incorporating social media into your crisis response plan can help keep your organization out of trouble!

Click here:

4. BRAND NEW – “The Evolving Uses of Social Media” – the latest white paper looks at how social media changes can benefit your organization and how you make it work for you.

Click here:

5. “How can you influence up to 50% more cross-sell in a business-to-consumer environment? “ – Reducing churn and retaining your existing customer base are critical. This recorded webcast discusses customer cross-sell, up-sell by highlighting the critical importance of customer data and analytics.

Click here:

6. BRAND NEW – “CMO Perspectives on Social Marketing ROI” – A how to on monetizing social media marketing. This benchmark study shows how CMOs are overcoming the challenge of social media ROI and measuring it.

Click here:

7. “Emerging Technologies B2B CMOs Should Watch in 2011” – New Forrester Research report overviews new technologies marketers us to improve customer acquisition and engagement. It covers content curation, listening platforms, brand advocate platforms, as well as appointment routing and scheduling.

Click here:

8. “How to Leverage Social Media for Public Relations Success” – Handling publicity in social media is entirely different in social media than it is in traditional media.

Learn more here: Inc

9. “The 21st-century CMO: How digital marketing is driving organization transformation “ – This paper highlights advances in closed-loop marketing for measurement and optimization of digital marketing efforts and how next-generation WCM solutions overcome those challenges.

Click here:

10. “The Top 10 Pitfalls to Avoid When Sourcing New Prospect Data” – Do you feel like you are rolling the dice every time you buy a new prospect list? By starting with better business data, you’ll end up with more qualified leads, better conversion rates, and be more profitable.

Click here:

11. “Drive Sales Faster: Guide to Smart SMS Marketing -Sell more in 160 characters or less” – Lean how SMS can help retailers disseminate calls-to-action quickly and to a wider base of population, driving traffic and increasing revenue.

Click here:

12. “Top Takeaways: Best Practices for Doing Business in Emerging Markets “ – G+ convened a panel of senior executives to share their best practices and strategic insights for doing business in emerging markets.

For more, click here:

And, as always, you can find the Top 100 free social media resources here: . There is a real treasure trove of valuable tools, research, white papers and more.

Thank you, Mike Crosson, Moderator and Publisher,, for sharing these resources with us.

Happy Reading!

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