Linked In — LIVE, and other insights

A few observations of late …

…..I was describing BNI today and explaining how we build out our referral network by tapping other members’ personal and professional networks …. it’s like LinkedIN, but face to face instead. Not as fast, not as transparent, but possibly more powerful. My vote is still out.

….As someone else pointed out last week, social media marketing is not for everyone, and if you choose to use it, you don’t need to leverage every tool — only the ones that are right for you.

….Hiding yourself on FaceBook makes it really hard to be found. My friend has a high privacy setting but she wanted to be friends with another friend, who was not yet my “friend,” so I had to invite her, she had to accept and now I can suggest to my third, hidden friend that she be friends with the first friend! WHAT!!! And we were all together in one room — in person — trying to figure this out. Hmmm.

….Old PR pitching tactics still work. I received a call this week on a news release I sent out in February by a reporter who saved it and pulled it out when he needed a story idea. Did I pitch it using social media too? Yes, I did, but that’s not what stuck. We are in limbo right now in PR — you cannot count on new or old tactics, exclusively, as a means of pitching news.

…. And last but not least! What does it say about oh-so-many-things in life to discover — on FaceBook — that my own brother is having a health issue? FaceBook first, then a phone call? I really prefer the opposite. No fault is being directed at my brother. Bringing it up at all is just my way of saying we might be living too fast …

Theme song for the day — Rick Springfield, Human Touch (yes, that dates me A LOT)

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