Let’s Go Lightning!

If you’ve been to even one Tampa Bay Lightning hockey game, you know the cheer. It’s short. It’s easy and it’s catchy. Even my toddlers could recite it and clap along.

If you haven’t heard the cheer, I hope you soon will. The Lightning have emerged victorious after the first AND second rounds of the Stanley Cup playoffs. We were fortunate to attend the last home game in series one , and it was definitely one of the best hockey games I’ve been to yet – excluding, of course, the actual Stanley Cup win.

We followed up with a home game in series two — game 3. Had to watch the grand victory last night on television, but sometimes that is just as good.

From a marketing standpoint, there is a real bonus to the regular team sponsors who purchased arena signage along the ice and those who have sponsorships on the Jumbotron and throughout the game. The television coverage is phenomenal and viewership increases for playoff games far beyond what a sponsor gains from a regular season broadcasted game.

I spent some time preparing a sponsorship proposal for one particular client (twice), and I am still puzzled as to why they did not pursue at least some piece of this highly visible opportunity.

For others who have not considered it, contact the Lightning Corporate Sponsorship office. You will be pleasantly surprised by the variety of opportunities available … and you will wish you had done it before they made it to the playoffs!

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