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It’s Friday

Friday, March 27th, 2009

Well, it’s been an interesting week.

Tuesday night’s networking event (all the women) has really unearthed some surprising developments, like a 3rd-party reconnection with a former client and the possibility of helping out a new client a little bit.

I spent Wednesday drowning in more online resources. I am amazed with what is going on in the Internet PR world. I have been asleep and missing the action for years, it seems. Glad to be stepping out now, but it can get overwhelming.

In the real world, I had a great lunch with my former contact at Waterside in St. Pete. She is the community association manager now at Vinoy Place — another beautiful waterfront property — and we had a lot of catching up to do since she’s been in her position only 3 months. A fun and productive use of time, for sure.

Also reconnected with one of my USF professor friends and we are meeting next week to talk about collaborating on a possible research project. I could not be more excited about this — there is a lot of potential here, and we just have to get serious about doing this thing that we have talked about for years.

Last night I did manage to find my way to the Tampa Bay Business Journal mixer, but it was definitely the type of thing that you go to with a pal or a group from the office. They held it at the new Hula Bay Club, which is right on the water and quite magnificent, but it was loud, cramped and maybe a little disjointed. I clung to who I knew, and we did not even attempt to “mix” it up with anyone else, which is OK because I had a nice time anyhow.

Feeling very disenchanted with Twitter and a little mystified on how to get the most out of it. I see a lot of very appealing home pages for folks, but I find navigation of the program to be confusing and slow — and I’m not sure why. It’s bugging me. I’m reading articles about it and I see the potential for multiple goals I have for Heidelberg PR, my clients, and even for my husband’s business, Heidleberg Capital Corp. So, I must learn how to make this work!

Heading out soon for the Oldsmar spring carnival and looking forward to a house party tomorrow with friends — a bitter sweet event as we bid farewell to former Tampa Tribune reporter Mark Guidera, who is off to greener pastures up north.

Also, on a personal note, quite excited at the possibility of some family members moving to Tampa. We have no one here right now, and I will do everything in my power to help make a satisfying and happy life for Clay and Kristy if they decide to make the move. Good luck with your decision-making, guys, as you face this long weekend together. We love you, no matter what you decide!