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Behind the Scenes at BNI

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

When you voluntarily invest a large amount of time in something, you want to make sure you’re doing something that’s smart. If it’s fun, too, then that’s a bonus, but not always a requirement.

So, off I went Monday morning to receive my BNI “hymnal” — or leadership team guidebook — and sit in a packed room of about 120 other BNI leadership team members for our formal training. This was one of five or six similar trainings being done locally over a two week timeframe.

BNI — smart. Four hour training — smart, but NOT FUN. Surprisingly, though, there were some bonuses any way.

BNI, of course, is the business referral organization that I joined back in May.

A few things about the training session:

I thought that training the entire leadership team on each person’s role was actually very beneficial, and the training ran like a well-oiled machine — just like the entire organization seems to. This approach gives us insight into the big picture and how each person contributes to whole. Sounds basic, but it was pretty interesting; after sitting through weekly meetings for a couple months I got to see the Holy Grail or ideal way that things could/should be done and I couldn’t help but make some comparisons. Anyway, wouldn’t it be nice if companies could operate in the same fashion where everyone understood what everyone else was doing and how their individual parts contributed to the overall goals? I think employee production would soar.

The presenters were professional and polished, so I appreciated that during the long sessions, and it further increased my confidence in the organization, overall, to see strong leaders delivering professional training to the group. Kudos to Tom Fleming and his team. And, this is a testament to how leaders can make or break an organization by leading by example, demonstrating their values and maintaining an organizational culture in all that they do.

I have been adorned as the “attendance champion” for my Profit Pros chapter — no mystery there. But attendance is so critical to the success of the chapter and the overall productivity of the group that I am honored to serve in such a capacity. I recognize the value my time and effort will bring to the chapter and the region, overall, as well as how the time spent by others in different capacities will also make a big difference.

Changing gears … next up: I’m contemplating doing a 13-week radio show, possibly in partnership with a few other people. I wish my brother lived closer because I know he would do it with me — even though it’s a business thing. He’s just funny, no matter what, and I like funny.

I also have my BNI 10-minute presentation coming up in a few weeks, so I’m working on that, as well as instituting a follow up system for all of the individual meetings I’ve had with BNI members so far. Again, if you’re going to invest time in something, you really should be smart about it. I was a little overwhelmed by the BNI experience at first, but now I see how to be more proactive in making it work better for me.

That’s it for this week’s random observations. Make it a great day.