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I’m famous!

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

OK — maybe not — but here’s a link to an interesting parenting article where I was quoted for one of my pet peeves about other parents. Nice, huh? Here’s the link to the iParenting article by Beth Hering:

Baby Pet Peeves: What Do Other Parents Do That Drives You Nuts?

Now, I’m not out there marketing myself as a parenting expert, that’s for sure. But you might be interested in how I plugged into this opportunity.

Every day I receive 100 or more queries from reporters looking for both experts and non-experts for a variety of articles in both regional and national publications — including USA Today and other well known dailies. Bloggers also post requests, and so do some academics and authors working on books.

It is absolutely fascinating to see what pops up each day, and I really love connecting clients and other associates and friends with these writers looking for information and quotes. If you want me to be on the lookout for opportunities for YOU or your company, organization, or hobby, send me a note and we can talk!