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Super Bowl in Tampa

Friday, February 13th, 2009

Tampa just hosted Super Bowl XLIII. The closest I got to the action this time was checking in media at Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo entrance. They were coming to cover the Leigh Steinberg party which typically hosts Hall of Fame players and various celebrities.

The last time the Super Bowl was here, I actually had some USF student volunteers work at the media credentialing center and we saw, first hand, the entire credentialing process. It was simple, but required.

So, it was strange to watch as members of the media showed up to this event without their credentials, which were supposedly required. Honestly, anyone could have approached the media check-in table and gained entry. We asked for credentials, then business cards (which very few had) and then just a sign-in with the name of the media organization. I mean, I could have been a reporter from ABC and no one would be any wiser.

Let me clarify, this was not a “zoo” screening process. Steinberg’s PR team was very casual about who gained entry into the party. I think it was a gesture of goodwill, but I’m almost certain there were some liars who faked their way in just to get close to some VIPs or whatever.

The event was well organized, complete with a news conference on the “green” carpet, and newsworthy elements such as the use of green energy, a fundraising component, and the chance to talk live to troops overseas. There were over 100 media representatives who attended, and ESPN did a great piece on it.

On the up side, the party was awesome, and after 3 hours of volunteering, I joined a group of friends inside and helped myself to endless servings of Carrabba’s chicken marsala and lobster ravioli, which was so incredibly good I could not believe they were preparing it in mass quantities. I also helped myself to the open bar, which was generous as well.

We bid on a guitar autographed by BB King too. We were the only bidders, and we thought we won, but then when we went to pay they told us they could not accept our measly bid for such a thing. We were $700 under the minimum bid (sigh) but we thought maybe something was better than nothing for the named charity. Guess not.

As a final note on the event, the zoo is a great venue for a function of this sort, and their staff was on the ball and prepared to accommodate the party host, his staff and all of the guests. So, my Heidelberg PR Shout Out actually goes to the Tampa Lowry Park Zoo for it’s fantastic hospitality and professional representation of Tampa.

Why am I here?

Friday, February 13th, 2009

Well, I could say I am here because someone told me I really should do this. Or, I could say that I finally succumbed to the curiosity about blogging and figured, “what the heck?”

But, in brutal honesty, I am here for professional reasons first and foremost. I’m not sure how it will unfold, but I am seeking an outlet to discuss things I see on a regular basis. When I was teaching public relations courses at USF, I was a fiend for the learning example. I clipped newspaper articles constantly. It seems like there is always something going on in the daily news that pertains to public relations in some way … so I might go on about things in that strand of thinking.

Or, I might feel like getting personal. I am a mother of two girls, one who is 5 and the other who is only 9 months. Both bring great humor and joy to my life, as well as great stress from time to time. Who knows what I might spew out about them?

So, it’s sadly sort of a huge accomplishment for me to take time to create this blog. And it was so easy … I don’t know why I waited so long.